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Holistic Health & Traditional Naturopathy

   Jul 01


Consultations: I offer personal health consultations for those seeking improved health through natural healing using muscle testing and other assessment tools to accurately identify sources of stress and imbalances in the body. In this way, I can offer a realistic and achievable wellness plan and evaluate progress as you continue toward your heath goals.

I am available for appointments by phone or in person.

I specialize in:

Nutritional Consulting: Which can include food choices, herbal remedies, and other nutritional supplements.

Energy Healing: To promote free flow of energy throughout the body.

Emotional Balancing: Enhanced by flower essences, homeopathic remedies, essential oils, and energetic clearing.

Ease of flow of energy throughout the body promotes health.
Dis-ease of flow of energy promotes disease.

My intuitive training helps me tap into your body’s innate intelligence to find the blocks in your energy flow revealing the priority ways to bring your body back to balance and well-being.

Initial Consultation:

Expect to spend about 90 minutes for the initial consultation.
I will began by taking your health history.
You will be asked about the health issues you would like to address.
Then I will muscle test you for your body’s healing priority.
An energy alignment with a realistic and achievable wellness plan will be offered.

Follow-up Appointments:

Your follow-up appointments are for evaluating your progress, answering questions or concerns, and continuing the healing process. These sessions usually last about an hour and are scheduled as needed.

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